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During my racing I have made and tested many devices that I have successfully used in my racing karts, be it standalone systems or devices that work in conjunction with AIM dataloggers etc.

I've decided to make available my devices (most are unique) designed for use with AIM/MyChron loggers in race bike and kart applications.


I have also installed the AIM MXL 'Pista' with GPS module. The GPS module offers many more features than just 3D track mapping. This combination is the best valued and featured logger currently available for any serious racer. Call AIM Australia Dealer, Brian Stockman from Tamworth Kart Supplies on (02) 6765 9310 for options and price.

Attached are pictures of my install.


Battery Eliminator for MyChron2 and MyChron3 PLUS, GOLD, EXTREME

Don't let your batteries go flat while racing and lose the ability of your dashboard/logger at the track. If you have a 125MAX or have a kart with a 12volt battery, then let your logger use the power from that battery instead. Gone will be the days of carrying and getting into tight spaces to open your logger to replace those batteries. This device pays itself off in no time if your using conventional batteries and you will always have peace of mind. Remove the batteries and install circuit inside the MyChron battery compartment with your 12volt input wires exiting the case. No mod required to the MyChron casing.

Battery Eliminator for MyChron2 AU$40.00

Battery Eliminator for MyChron3 AU$65.00


Detonation Warning Light

Watch the video here (1.3Mb Mpeg)

Keep your eyes on the track, not at the counter! You now also know where on the race circuit your engine was detonating. 

These units plug directly into the HRC Detonation Counter's spare plug at the head of the unit. Hi-intensity LEDs are used with daylight brightness level set to let you know it's on, but not enough to make you jump out of your skin each time on short burst of detonation. The LED will stay illuminated for 0.22sec from the last detonation. This is a finished plug and play system with no soldering required for;


(i) Honda RS125 bike application with 10mm Red or Blue LED with dash fascia mounting kit complete with the "HRC Connector Plug" into the Detonation Counter. Less than 3mins to install from fairing off to fairing on! AU$170.00



(ii) Single cylinder kart application with 5mm Red or Blue LED complete with the "HRC Connector Plug" into the Detonation Counter. Mount with LED facing the driver. AU$150.00


(iii) Twin cylinder kart application with 5mm Red or Blue LEDs complete with the "HRC Connector Plug" into the Detonation Counter. Mount with LEDs facing the driver. AU$210.00



If you have any special requests with your particular unit, I'm happy to make it especially to your needs. This could be connector location, LED colour, intensity, duration or size.



Honda RS125/250 Powerjet Indicator

You may know where your carby powerjet is set to operate, but do you know where exactly it's operating on the track? This device consists of a circuit with a dashboard mounted Green Hi-intensity LED showing you when it is operating. You can then determine if your setting is too late or too early especially when going down the long straights. AU$50.00




Shift Light Power Controller  (only for Australia - I need your MyChron unit to mod)

Switch your devices ON or OFF using your MyChron Shift light as a trigger. You program the shift lights via the MyChron right??, now you can control things such as your PowerJet Carby etc via the MyChron shift light. The MyChron's shift light settings will accurately allow you to trigger to a resolution of a fine 10RPM.

Call Sam on 0418 642 904 to discuss your requirements.



Many other items available for AIM/MyChron. Email me if you have any AIM/MyChron needs.

Items available for purchase at competitive prices.

International buyers can purchase using Paypal. Email me for Paypal details and cost effective postage fees.